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Hello, friends! My name is Gena Williams Head.

And if you've found yourself on my blog, you probably have a passion for social justice like me! After completing more than two decades of academic studies, I noticed a trend. No one seemed to be talking about issues facing underserved communities. So I took this as my calling card for a seat at the table

How did I end up here?

Well, I began the one year accelerated Master of Public Health program at the George Washington University in July of 2019. During these last several months, I committed my time to learn about how to be an advocate for those from marginalized backgrounds. I focused my thesis on the development of accessible alternatives to preventing substance use disorders among adolescents with a history of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

The Head Doc MD HeaddshotShortly after starting graduate school 2.0, I was awarded a scholarship by the American Psychiatric Association. I traveled to the IPS: Mental Health Services conference, where I expressed my interest in writing to early-career psychiatrists, who introduced me to TheOpEdProject and MedLikeMe. They encouraged me to write.

It took me a while to build my voice, but an opportunity to create content for an addiction treatment clinic emerged. I began the internship with the MyStreetHealth Suboxone Clinic, improving my communication skills through writing OpEd pieces focused on racial inequity within healthcare. Or so I think. If you stick around, I'll share my perspectives as a minority in medicine, and you can tell me if I'm off base.

I've heard the question many times; will you still be a doctor?

Of course! Currently, I am awaiting the National Residency MATCHing Program results in March 2020 with the anticipation of becoming a psychiatrist. As a woman of color, my professional interest is centered on minority mental health and as a public health advocate on communicating information about health disparities

But wasn't going back to school AGAIN a little EXTRA?!
Simple answer, YES. But after serving the incredibly diverse patient population of South Los Angeles, I didn't feel that helping one patient at a time was enough created a large enough impact. I completed my clinical training downtown at California Hospital Medical Center, where I served as a Hospital Representative as part of the Student Government Association. I then graduated medical school in June 2019 from the Ross University School of Medicine with High Honors

With that said, I have no experience writing pieces. In fact, I've heard throughout my academic career that my wording is found wanting. So, please bear with me as I learn more about OpEds - opposite editorials or opinion-based pieces. With a serving of a piece of my mind, I will always try to share some evidence-based research or articles that have helped me form my perspectives along the way. 

Thanks for taking the time out to read about me! If you want to check back, I'll share new perspectives intermittently. I'll schedule our follow-up appointments opposite the couch every few weeks. 

So until our next session

The Head Doc, MD

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